Vidia Doodnath

Executive Director, Technical Operations
Angostura Group of Companies in Trinidad

Vidia Doodnath, Executive Director of Technical Operations, manages all production areas for the Angostura Group of Companies, one of the leading global, award-winning producers of aged rum and best known for its iconic aromatic bitters. She currently manages the distillation, aging, blending, packaging, maintenance and laboratory operations. Additionally, Vidia serves as the Management Representative for the Quality and Environmental Management systems of the company.

Over the last 35 years, Vidia has held many senior management positions at Angostura within the production and manufacturing processes. She's been an integral driver behind the superb quality of the entire Angostura portfolio of products.

In 2003, Vidia became the first female Executive Manager of the company leading the Supply Chain operations. With much success along the way, another milestone was met in 2010, when she was promoted to the first female Executive Director of the company.

Vidia also serves as a director on the subsidiary boards of Trinidad Distillers Limited and Angostura Limited and is also a director of the West Indies Rum and Spirits Producers Association.

For the last three years, Vidia has been the sole in-house judge of the Global Cocktail Challenge Finals held at Angostura in Trinidad and has worked alongside the great mixologists, Dale de Groff, Tony Abou Ganim and Salvatore Calabrese.

Vidia graduated from the University of the West Indies with a B. Sc in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry and an M. Sc in Food Technology.