Tito Cordero

Master Blender at Diplomático in Venezuela

Tito Cordero is a chemical engineer who graduated from the Polytechnic University of Barquisimeto, Venezuela. For 24 years he has held the position of Master Ronero at DUSA, perfecting his knowledge of the art of making rum, with passion, dedication and above all, a deep respect for tradition. His experience spans the selection of the best sugar cane honeys to controlling the manufacturing process to achieve the best and most consistent final product.

Obtaining a good rum is the result of the dedication and efforts of everyone working at the distillery. "Based on the inspiration of Don Juancho Nieto Melendez in the last century, we combine the best rum stocks in our warehouse to achieve the award-winning Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva blend."

Another important achievement that highlights his expertise is the recent development of Diplomático Ambassador, an ultra-premium rum that emanates perfection in every drop, being released in limited quantities in Spain, Czech Republic, UK, Italy and France. This, according to Tito, represents the ultimate expression of his life work over the past 24 years.

In addition to his dedication to the quality of the product, Tito Cordero has also ensured a perfect harmony between production and the environment. In 1988, when the plant belonged to Seagram Ltd, he was recognized in New York with an international award for achievements in environmental engineering. Tito's system for reclaiming 100% of wastewater from the distillery for agricultural fertilizer on the sugar cane plantations contributed to the certification process under the International Standard ISO1400 Environmental criteria.

Beyond these achievements and 54 medals in international competitions for the Diplomático brand, Tito was recognized recently with a Golden Rum Barrel Award in 2011 at the UK Rum Fest in London -- recognition as Best Rum Master in the world -- the first Venezuelan to receive such an honor.

Tito Cordero's work is a compendium of patience, knowledge, and passion for the tradition of rum, an art that can be enjoyed by all: the art of Diplomático Rum.