The Legends Of Rum

The Master Blenders and Distillers

In all the world, there are but a few distinguished individuals who have achived the pinnacle of mastery of the rum making and blending process. These masters of rum are legends in the spirits industry, known for their outstanding achievements and notable expressions.

Taste the Masterpieces

The fine art of fermentation, distillation, aging and blending rum takes years to achieve the ultimate success. To create products worthy of aclaim and awards is a life-long endeavour. To savor these ultimate expressions is to apreciate the extraordinary skill involved in every step of the process.

Meet the Masters of Rum

Rob's Rum Guide has sought out the world's best master blenders and distillers to spotlight their finest achievements.

For those that wish to savor, discern and explore the ultimate luxury rums -- you're invited to meet the persons responsible for these artful spirits at a very special event on Saturday, July 20 at the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon Street at 4:30pm. Each will present their finest expressions.

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